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Welcome to the website of AvioConsult

AvioConsult is an independent aircraft expert and consultant,

who gained knowledge and experience on airplane performance, flying qualities and airborne systems during a one-year course at the USAF Test Pilot School, Edwards AFB, CA in 1985, followed by a 15-year career in experimental flight-testing. The entry level was a minimum of 1,000 flight hours and an MSc degree in engineering or a BSc and an entrance exam.

AvioConsult offers:

  • Teaching on Airplane Control after Engine Failure, because the knowledge of controlling a multi-engine airplane after engine failure, as taught at Aeronautical Universities and Experimental Test Pilot Schools, is not passed on anymore to (airline) pilots since some 40 - 50 years ago, leading to a fatal accident almost every month.
    Please check the Recent activities below, the Downloads page for papers on the subject and the Accidents page for accident reports.
  • Advice and teaching on airplane flying qualities, performance and (experimental) flight-testing;
  • Expertise for accident investigations and is available as expert witness;
  • Aircraft accident investigation report reviews; please check the Downloads page and the Accidents page for samples;
  • Reviewing and writing manuals and checklists.

Education and experience are presented below.

Main activities: the prevention of airplane accidents after engine failure

Why do accidents after engine failure or while an engine is inoperative continue to happen on big and small multi-engine airplanes nearly every month?
Because flight manuals, student pilot textbooks and training manuals inappropriately use paragraphs out of Aviation Regulations (Part 23 and 25) that are intended to be used for the design, certification and flight-test of airplanes, but definitely not for their operational use. This inappropriate use of Regulations results in deficient minimum control speed definitions and engine emergency procedures for pilots and hence, in inappropriate crew response to propulsion system malfunctions.
Want to read more about this? Please proceed to the Downloads page and/ or the Accidents page.

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List of Publications and Presentations of AvioConsult



1999-2022 18 reviews of accidents after engine failure. Downloadable from the Accidents page.
1999-2022 13 papers on controlling airplanes after engine failure, reviews of Flight and Training manuals, Regulations and of FAA, CASA and other publications. Downloadable from the Downloads page.
1999-11 Netherlands, Magazine Veilig Vliegen. Flying safely with a dead engine.
2008-12 Netherlands, Magazine Piloot en Vliegtuig. Controllability of multi-engine airplanes after engine failure.
2013-10 Germany, Zeitschrift Pilot und Flugzeug. Steuerbarkeit mehrmotoriger Flugzeuge nach einem Triebwerksausfall.
2015-07-12 Wikipedia EN. Article Minimum Control Speeds. Regrettably ruined by incompetent writers. The original can still be read by scrolling fully down to 2015 in History on the article page.



2000 Eindhoven Air Base. Flying safely with a dead engine.
2000-01-27 Amsterdam, NVvL. Flying safely with a dead engine.
2000-09-19 Hoofddorp, VNV (Dutch ALPA). Flying safely with a dead engine.
2002-01-15 USA, FAA Engine & Propeller Directorate. Aircraft Control at Airspeeds Near Air Minimum Control Speed VMCA.
2003-09 AFFSCE, Noordwijk. Airplane Control during Takeoff or Go-Around after Engine Failure.
2006-02-16 OVV (DTSB), The Hague. Prevention of Airplane Accidents after Engine Failure.
2006-03-14 FSF - EASS, Athens. Staying Alive with a Dead Engine – How to prevent a dead engine from turning into a killing engine, download here.
2011-03-15 TU Delft. Role of Experimental Flight Testing in Design, Development, Certification and Operation of Aircraft.
2012-09-18 KIVI, The Hague. Accidents after Engine Failure.
2013-04-25 LBA Braunschweig. Control and Performance During Asymmetrical Powered Flight.
2014-04-16 TU Delft, Symposium Sipke Wynia. Accidents after Engine Failure.
2015-04-15 Catalina Flight Crews. Control and Performance During Asymmetrical Powered Flight.
2019-06-05 EuroControl Safety Forum, Brussels. Safety Critical Procedure Development requires high level multi-disciplinary knowledge, download here.
2013-2020 DC-10 accident Faro. Several: Afterworknet, NVvL, KIVI, KNVOL, Lions and Probus Clubs.


Education and experience

  • Graduated as Flight Test Engineer at the USAF Test Pilot School, Edwards Air Force Base, CA (class 1985A).  Refer to the Links page.
    Received flight test training and gained flight test experience in: T-38A, C-130H, F-5F, RF-4C, YF-4E, NC-131H, UH-1H, CH-136A, KC-135, Learjet, A-37B, P-3C, NC-141A, T-34C, DHC-2, DHC-6, B-707, B-737, KC-10A, T-39, T-43, S-3 and in simulators B-747, B-767, B-727, A-10.
  • Over 15 years of experience in conducting and reporting on experimental flight tests with, and qualitative evaluations of, aircraft on subjects: performance, flying qualities, airborne systems, ergonomics of crew stations, airborne system software, etc.
  • Five years experience as Chief Experimental Flight Test of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (LtCol ret'd), responsible for experimental flight testing of all Air Force fixed wing and helicopter types, evaluation of new aircraft and aircraft systems and all operational aircraft manuals.
  • Contributed to design meetings and reviews for procurement, modification and certification, and to (experimental) flight testing of:
    • Fixed wing aircraft: KDC-10, C-130, F27, F50, F60, PC-7, Gulfstream IV, A330, NF-5 and F-16;
    • Helicopters: BO-105, AB-412, AS-532 Cougar, CH-47 Chinook, AH-64A Apache and Alouette III;
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Sperwer.
  • Participated in start-up of EADS-CASA A330 tanker program.
  • Also experienced with light, very light and ultra light airplanes and gliders.
  • Developed aircrew checklists and other flight operations related documentation.
  • Evaluated flight operations support software.
  • Participated in NATO Avionics and Navigation Systems Working Groups.
  • Performed Quality Management System auditing (ISO 9001:2000) as both auditor and lead auditor (qualified by DNV).
  • Reviewed aircraft accident investigation reports of accidents with C-130 Hercules, Saab SF-340, Nomad, Boeing 737 and 747, Piper PA 44-180, Beech C90, BN-2, Cessna 404, MU-2B, DC-10, EMB-120, etc., and wrote (supplemental) reports (please refer to the Accidents page).
  • Provided aircraft expertise as expert witness in law suits in USA and NL.

Private flying experience

  • Private Pilot License (EU and US) and flying experience in: C-150, C-172, PA-18-135, T-67M, DV20, P92, Rallye 150T, SF28.
  • Glider and Powered Glider Pilot, instructor and examiner in many different types.

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