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Services that AvioConsult can provide

Flight testing or evaluating aircraft or simulators

Flight Test Training is provided by only a few (military) Test Pilot Schools in the world. Test Pilot Schools (TPS) were founded by the lead aviation countries following World War II when expensive prototype airplanes were lost and pilots died during (experimental) flight testing or evaluating aircraft and aircraft systems because of the lack of proper flight test knowledge and experience. Experimental flight testing requires a lot more than just a pilot license.
The TPS entry level is usually an MSc degree in engineering, or a BSc and an entry exam, and more than 1,000 flight hours.
Test Pilots and Flight Test Engineers are trained together to form a flight test crew for preparing, conducting and reporting flight testing in known and unknown aircraft.
Graduates of these schools are the best trained operational aviation professionals in the world.  During their one year long training they conducted flight-tests in more than 20 different types of aircraft, including gliders, fighter jets, big and small propeller aircraft, big transports, helicopters and simulators, and received some 600 hours of MSc-level academics and laboratory time. 
Refer to the Links page for a few details on Test Pilot Schools.

Certification of an aircraft to government rules and regulations certainly tells you a lot about the airworthiness and the safety of the aircraft, but nothing yet on the requirements that you might have for the flying machine (or its simulator), to earn money with.

AvioConsult advices on evaluating aircraft and simulators to certification regulations as well as to user requirements, and advices on verification of performance, flying qualities or (airborne) systems in co-operation with flight crew of the customer.


Aircraft Accident Investigation and Expert Witness service

Aircraft accident investigations are performed by government agencies. AvioConsult can assist with clarification of the reports and provide you with an independent advice on the operational aspects of the investigation and the conclusions in the accident reports. The papers and analyses presented on the Accident or Download pages may serve as examples.  AvioConsult can also assist with, or monitor the investigations.


Checklists, manuals, etc.

Designing cockpit procedures that can be used during normal and abnormal operations and during emergencies requires specific expertise and experience. In anything can go wrong, it might not if a perfect checklist is being used. AvioConsult has many years of experience in writing and reviewing the contents of aircrew checklists and operational manuals. In the paper Airplane Control and Accident Investigation after Engine Failure, that is introduced on the Downloads page (#3), many improvement proposals are presented.
See also the 2019 paper Safety-critical Procedure Development Requires High Level Multi-Disciplinary Knowledge on the Downloads page (#12).